A Site Specific Project

The primary language of preparation


Establishing the basis of the overall dynamic


Using traditional candle magic


As a precise locator, and light attractor


Whilst determining the impossible aspects


The rainbow shards shattered from my ring finger


As determination and precision held place


To completion






And vectored.


Now, for the next layer


The use of archaic and dynamic imagery


And Buddha Shakyamuni 


Watch over the autumnal fall


Gathering moonlight


And daytime rainbows


The centre held firm with silver and jewel


Chasing the emergent spirit of the medicine


Scattered with cloud shadows


Framed amidst the olde doctrines of Dr Dee


Whose angelic summoning


Illuminated the soul of the medicine’s purpose


Into the daylight


To breathe and bathe in the forest


Multiplying with the work of Ishu


And the potential of Swarovski crystal


That I chose not to follow


Though a higher form of embellishment sung to me


So, I checked the alignments


Gathered my tools and jewels


And began to set the mounted lapidary, and gold plated silver studs


Into a bejewelled, threaded golden mandala


To add reflectivity to imagination


And dimensionality into life


Comparing corners and balance


Light distribution


Colour and angle


As the medicine completes.


An imaginary medicine, to be taken through the eyes, created to focus cosmic energies in a regenerative global ceremony.

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