Inception, Conception and Arrival

A journey of a soul, reborn upon Earth.

In the swirling oceans of destiny awaits a soul, who is being drawn to new parents. As the vital spark of conception manifests from the combining of feminine and masculine elements, the call of karma predicts the evolution of the family, and from the bardo, the journey towards the manifestation of life begins, once again.

The Moments Prior to Conception

And upon realisation of the alchemical spark of union, the child to be born knows both mother and father, summoned by the act of love. And through connection of silent pathways, the child is now known to be a girl or a boy, through the attractors of destiny.

The Moment of Conception

And in silent, still darkness – the place of deep security and peace, the womb becomes the home. The soul is at home, to evolve and nuture the dreams of the future, amidst the waters within. With the fire of life which beats in the hearts of those who anticipate, the cycles of moon and sun call the heavens to witness the journey.

Nine Months Gestation

As the child reaches from dark into light, the emergent senses awake, in recognition of the golden opportunity that lies ahead. For fully awake now, the dormancy has passed, and the skills and wisdom path of the new life begin. The doula serves the mother well, and the birth is pure and sacred.

A Healing Birth

And the perfection of the heavens manifest their radiant glory in celebration of the golden child of destiny. For who is not born without the potential of Full Enlightenment? It is a gift of birth to all beings, and now the newborn angel is graced by the nuturing blessings of the Holy Ones

A Heavenly Blessing

And, to record this moment, a snapshot of the heavenly disposition of your beautiful child, qualities of both mind and character, in accordance with astrological perspectives. Thus understood and interpreted, guidance and nurturing of the spirit and soul shall empower the healing path of Love, Wisdom and Compassion.

A Birth Chart


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