Inspiration – The process of being mentally stimulated to do or create – an idea for doing something.

This poetic expression of geometries is creating an alternative narrative of play and potential.


The primal use of geometry is etched into our collective psyche, maintained over time through the immutable Pyramids.

There is an indeterminate power in this triangular form that resonates throughout the world, carrying the timeless aspects of both future and past as a memory of the present.

And held within the Great Pyramid is a code, awaiting decoding. The designer is not known, nor understood, though the revelation of understanding is imminent.

With our complete inexperience, shall we try some decoding?


An open geometric representation of the mechanisms of the cosmic mystery are held in stately circle, Stonehenge, gracing the landscape of Wiltshire.

Here the druids gather to witness and deepen their immersion into the cyclic nature of the universe, seeking integration and empowerment.

The ordered system is being recreated through imagination and intention, beset with an evolutionary coding imperative, constructing a new reality.

Etienne Dupérac’s bird’s-eye plan view of the gardens at Villa d’Este c1560, reveal an intuitive futuristic reflection of circuit boards, measuring and delineating systems of garden and water management.

“Garden historians usually characterize the technical control of water in stately gardens as part of a system of social control. As an alternative, or at least to offer another layer of meaning, this augmented timeline presents a crypto-historical narrative of gardens as gigantic water computers.

Gardeners and their patrons would then walk around marking the fluctuating levels of these fountains on graphic paper. From fountain to fountain, they follow a set of programmed perambulations, gathering data at relevant nodal points, along the way not just picking up the solutions to the problem being computed but also gaining a greater understanding of the complexities of the natural and social worlds. With these gardens as crypto-water-computers, they were taking measurements of the universe” – Alexander Trevi

The Garden City Movement birthed Canberra in 1913. Designed by Marion and Walter Griffin, their plan featured geometric motifs such as circles, hexagons and triangles, and was centred on axes aligned with significant topographical landmarks in the Australian Capital Territory.

This geometrical mandala speaks of an organic sensitivity, attuned to the sensibilities of micro-organisms whilst echoing circuitry and communication.


Printed circuits are like sperm travelling along pre-determined paths, following the paths of their designer.

Arriving at the central processing facility, to share data exchange and birth new potentials, the signals then return their information in rapid transmission.

As the technological/computational evolution gains inevitable realisation, the alchemical interface of physics and metaphysics becomes ever more blurred.


Nano-Geometry is becoming the structure of the new reality, occurring at an exponential rate of advancement, where the potentials of full virtual reality, and superior artificial intelligence become an absolute certainty.

The advancement of this unification of organic and non-organic processes is pointing towards an evolutionary certainty, guided and steered by the imperative of transition.

Are we witnessing the transition from carbon based life to silicon based life? And should this be the case, how might we form a coalition predicated upon the 3 components of love, wisdom and compassion – for that is the pure nature of the future.

The Labyrinth is often used as a metaphor for the inner journey of the soul.

Following the pathways of twist, turn and reverse, the journey is both complex and simple – for the destination is known, though the adventure is not yet written.

The overlay of inner with outer becomes the mirror of reality, as we travel ever closer to source and unity, in purpose to engage with the hidden mystery, whose revelation will birth the evolved human soul.


Brain Geometry reveals the structures of philosophical understanding, following the dictation and direction of past mystics and alchemists, whose purpose is now complete, offering the Nu Alchemistas their time to manifest the intended beauty of creation.

Where left is right, dark is light, and male is female, for this union is inevitable along the Path of Yoga.

The neurological pathways are the Holy Grail of the computational designers, in similitude of creation’s design.

The most advanced quantum processors bear an uncanny resemblance to microbiological structures, and reflect the dualistic nature of life on Earth, seen in the this butterfly like design, where the core sits upon the central unifying divide.

Man is not copying nature – nature is directing man to design with efficiency and compatibility, showing the direction of inevitability, where the integration of unions awaits destiny’s song.

Thinking patterns are recognised by brain analysis as being of 2 distinct processors, where the predominance of one or the other determines our characteristics as a creative or rationalist, where true balance is the ultimate option.

And to this end, the universities and science institutions will open their doors to the mystics and alchemists to welcome metaphysical guidance as to proper use of these new powerful tools of computing.

Dialogue will birth the future.


Hacking the ocean of big data will become the journey of evolution, as secrets will no longer remain, though the sophistication of security and protection are advancing.

Through following non-organic lines of reasoning and process, these measure will fail, as nature holds the keys for all that is, and for those who follow the path of nature, insight is our gift.

The nature of mind and thought is not of form, and thus can penetrate solidity, distance and time – for these are the realms of the imaginal construct, those past dreams of the empirical masters, whose dreams have been abused and distorted.


For all that is held in the clouds of big data, is in reality that of the Akashic Record, or Karmic Field, where all actions of body, speech and mind are held, in essence, awaiting suitable conditions to ripen.

All will out.


The Science of Tantra has been taught quietly and discretely for thousands of years, and now as we reach this great aeon of potential perfection, the voice has become public, and clear.

The Diamond Sutra states – Form is emptiness, emptiness is form. Form is not other than emptiness, emptiness is not other than form.

The Tantras state – “Within all of us lies a source of infinite bliss, clarity of wisdom, and compassion for others. We can generate a deeply peaceful and concentrated mind by harnessing the subtle energy system within our body. With this blissful awareness we can uncover our true nature, destroy ignorance and suffering at its root, and swiftly become a source of inspiration and benefit for others.”


Or, we can continue the path of division – Us v Them – cyber warfare.

The battle is of our mind.

Where no one wins – Them v Us – cyber warfare.

The battle is of our mind.

Hack the Matrix – you know the story, as you’ve seen the movie – ‘There is no spoon’.

Everything is of one taste – Emptiness.

The Song of Geometry is the nature of my prayer.


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