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Searching through countless natural diamonds these magical examples find us – as they arise naturally, perfectly formed from the womb of the Earth. We discover mystical diamonds with beautiful refractive inclusions within their form, and rare reflective qualities in their light, and…. healing magic dwells within their soul. With impeccable provenance, and perfect guarantee, we offer these unique gemstones.

The Pandora Diamond

An exquisite and stunning natural untouched natural diamond, whose magical depths ignite the imagination to venture deep within the soul of mystery.


For deep within Pandora’s dream
lies mystery of unknown times,
whose journey ever through this world
Unfolds as mankind’s vision stirs.

In diamond soul, the gift of light
a precious gift, of day and night
For lover’s we, do share our path –
Of sun and moon, pure heavens glow
In everlasting healing flow.

Mark Golding 2012

The formal description illustrates this diamond as a nealy colourless and well-formed dodecahedral crystal with good surface lustre and transparency. Many inclusions can be seen beneath the surface of this gem. Discovered in South Africa. This beautiful specimen weighs 0.64 ct, and measures 5mm x 5mm x 3mm approximately.

The Queen of Africa Diamond

A pure and natural untouched diamond crystal, as created by Mother Earth, with a serene stillness that shows the structures of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The deepest Earth mysteries lie within the Pyramids – and only nature knows how this unique formation came to be found within the most precious stones on Earth. For nowhere else will such a diamond be found, a great and profound mystery, held in light and captured with magic – forever.


Of Egypt came the greatest Queen,
born of the Nile and ever seen –
as noble, strong and diamond pure,
thence carried to a distant shore

Where eager eyes saw in her soul
her Majesty’s eternal role
in showing truth and mystery
as gifted to eternal she…

Mark Golding 2012

The formal description illustrates this diamond as a well developed, modified dodecahedral crystal of pale brownish colour, with good surface lustre and transparency. Discovered in South Africa. This wonderful specimen weighs 0.43 ct, and measures 4mm x 3.5mm x 3mm approximately.

Diamond Healing & Magic

Diamond Healing Powers

A strong diamond will empower the chakras of the wearer.

For centuries, Far Eastern tradition offers the advice that to tonify the heart centre (the heart chakra), gently place the diamond in pure spring water, and leave overnight to imbue the silver light of a Full Moon, and upon dawn, drink the magical elixir in small sips.

Within the most ancient Vedic traditions, it is taught that the vibrational resonance carried within the micro-molecular structures of pure diamonds have a powerful healing affect upon both the crown and heart chakras, and in this way both the brain and the heart of the wearer are strengthened, and as a result memory is improved.

Diamonds are frequently described throughout history as Miracle Stones, and the very day we purchased the first of our collection, The Pandora Diamond, a miracle occured – whilst excavating an ancient spring source we found a long lost sculpture…

Traditionally many other healing qualities and attributes are given to diamonds – offering protection from depression and bad dreams, reducing physical tiredness and to invigorate the wearer’s metabolic functions. Other tradions describe the capacity of diamonds to reduce fever, clear diseases of the skin, and to fight infection.

At the time of child-birth, it is considered most auspicious and conducive for delivery to wear a ring set with a diamond, and in historic texts green diamonds are described as the symbol of motherhood, the Eternal Goddess.

Diamond Magical Power

From the earliest days of history, many traditions and cultures have revered the diamond for its qualities of offering courage, power, invincibility and strength to the wearer – the stone of a winner. Throughout the Lands of Mother Earth all Queens and Kings have sought these mighty treasures for their enhancing qualities of a magical, secret and powerel nature.

The mystery schools and esoteric traditions teach of the power of diamond to help keep the mind focussed and clear, to facilitate a higher level of abstract thinking and to protect against sorcery, by reflecting any negative energies back to the sender. The use of diamonds in magic is highly sophisticated and powerful, though this can be initiated by the wearer, simply by combining a pure intentional thought with the acknowledgement of the latent power within the diamond they either wear or carry.

For magical use, the diamond ideally should be worn or carried whilst touching the skin, enhancing and aligning the relationship of pure diamond energy to the wearers will. And in particular, the ancients offered the advice that the ideal placement should be on the left hand, or around the neckline.

The Element of Rainbow Fire

The diamond has the qualities of both magnificent power and attainment of miracles. In ancient times, the Greeks named the stone ‘Adamas’, a hint towards the earliest times of man, and also meaning indestrucible and invincible – It is the King of Gems – the strongest gemstone of all.

Diamonds can be found in a multitude of hues and shades, covering the the full spectrum in a variety of 296 tones – from red to blue, though usually they are a perfect clarity of pure light. Many famous diamonds are identified by the acquistion of titles or names, refelecting their individual status and character.

Within the cut and facetted diamond resides the rainbow, the reflected and refracted colours of pure light, and thoughout time great poets and artists have been seduced by their sheer beauty. The Sufi mystic and poet Hafiz, from ancient Persia, described the magnificence thus – ‘the rainblow is confined in it – forever’.

Protective Diamond Amulets & Talisman

In the tradion of Astrology, both the Sun and Venus are considered to be the heavenly bodies with the closest relationship to diamonds, with both life-giving and femine attributes, and as such is described as a talisman related to divine motherhood.

In their very purity, the aspect of innocence is reflected within their very being, and thus has a symbolic relationship with perfection, and further within this very essence dwells the enhancement of force, authority and power – the clarity of pure thought and intention – untainted, vibrant and clear. Free from fear, safe in the eternal wisdom of perfection.

The wearer can conjoin with the talismanic qualities of diamond for protection in all manner of circumstances – protection from predators, threat of illness, watery danger, threat of fire, poisonous serpents, sorcery and poisonous substances.

Protection against the ‘evil eye’ is said to be further attribute of the magical quality of diamond, and many great rulers and warriors have carried diamonds whilst travelling.

Diamond Legend, Folklore & Mythology

Budda taught the ‘Diamond Sutra’ – A teaching delivered to his disciples upon a mountainside in India, where he explained the true nature of reality, as a means of overcoming suffering. And this Sutra implied that the cessation of suffering, through pure understanding and perfect realisation, would be permanent – resulting in perfect inner peace. And the word diamond, from our western perspective derives from the Ancient Greek αδάμας, (Adamus) which also implies the following interpretations – proper, unalterable, unbreakable or tamed.

The Ancient alchemists taught the spiritual aspects of diamonds, when conjoined with the transformative aspects of both the inner world and the power to manifest change in the shared reality of this World. In alchemy the diamond is recognised and utilised for its ability to refract light, and thereby symbolising the soul transformation in our realisation of higher goals and attainments. Our journey of light will have clarity and power, vision and awareness. They also shared the wisdom that diamonds might be consumed or even melted if struck by a thunderbolt.

For students and adepts who practice the ancient art of Kabbala, there exists a transformative meditation called ‘The Diamond Body’, wherein the use of the mandala of the Tree of Life, realising its symbology and geometry as a method for personal empowerment and transformation.

Over the millenia many traditions and cultures attributed noble and powerful affects that were enhanced in both art and history – The Ancient Greeks recognised the beauty of diamonds, holding them to be ‘the Tears of the Gods’, whilst the Roman culture held diamonds to be stars, that Eros, ‘The God of Love’ placed at the tip of his arrows, whilst captivating the hearts of entwined lovers, and even today in Burma (Myanmar) many of the Buddha statues and stupas have diamonds as decorative and powerful offerings.

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