On the right is a original hand drawn mandala, and on the left is a vector of the drawing.

The Future



One might assume that one simply scans the drawing to create the vector, but the art of translating and creating a true vector of many, many discreet and complex layers is a highly skilled technical and time consuming task.

This complexity is vital in order to ultimately create a fully immersive, convincing, experiential response in the VR environments.

I’m sharing this, to illustrate the talent and skill of Andy Ball, with whom I am preparing many projects that will facilitate geometric mandala animations as immersive healing experiences and journeys.

Our conversation began many years ago, and Andy has worked tirelessly on our joint projects, quietly and consistently, as we continue to explore our ambitions to ultimately deliver medicines, through the eye.

This has been the main focus and drive of my life for the past 8 years, and slowly we are reaching a level of competence that is beginning to realise this dream.

Delivering medicines through the eyes – it is an art, and a science, and we are getting closer with each experiment.

A Single Heartbeat








The Eight Avatars of Solstice


Exterminate Hate


Rana – My Spring Familiar 


Immediacy. Captured.






The Alchemist




Thinking Patterns


Transition Molecule


The Wise Owl




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