‘Thousands of tired, nerve shaken, over-civilised people are beginning to find out that going to the forest is going home – wilderness is necessary’. – John Muir

The girls come to visit us every Friday


And they call me Gandi.


My role as Gandi is to show them the ways of the woods


To reflect the relationship we have with our beautiful Mother Earth


Where we can see the sunrise


Play hide and seek


And always take our sticks on our walks.


This is Sufi Rae


Here I am showing both Sufi and Ava the difference between oak leaves and chestnut leaves


Ava Pearl feels so at home in these woods, settled here into an ancient wild hornbeam


And is Helena’s keenest student – see her stick, chosen, cut and decorated by herself.




And Helena


Are able to offer forest schooling


Where the girls learn to be at ease in nature’s raw spaces


Whilst learning the languages of trees


And of course, playtime in the sunshine with Tara Lili too!


Tree climbing and agility skills build confidence


Basic apothecary methods develop medicinal insights


Whilst seasonal changes


Allow for winter crafting with tools


Springtime bluebell walks


Late summer picnics


And family gatherings


Where nature is a familiar companion


Offering a pleasure in simplicity 


That all children need to learn


Whilst overlooked and guided by the older generations


So we shall have a beautiful planet in 7 generations to come.

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