We create our personal tinctures, essences, cures, remedies and medicines in a setting of ancient woodlands.


 An intuitive forest herbalist, exploring the old paths of the medicine makers, adopting a visionary, imaginary and creative expression of the craft.


Patience has taught us to play in the forest apothecary, for nothing can ripen before its time.


Naturopathy, the dreamer’s remedy – for they know the imagination holds the key for inner peace and well-being.


In our meadows fall the leaves that have breathed and danced with the summer breezes, for here they lay and pass.


To gather the languages of the quiet powers, the journey of the homoeoepath calls the subtle threads of connection.


For the vigour of nature’s mandala sings of a vibrancy inherent within all life.


The palette of remedies, contained within the circle of stars, hold autumn’s fallen grace.


Amid the multiplicity of nature’s laboratory, the process of emergence and quietitude settles into the slumber of peace.


Fashioned of the biodynamic dance of inclusion, the motion of active expression travels with refractive light, a glimpse of the rainbow.


The beacon of the apothecary receives and holds the morning dew, the alchemilla captures this morning’s glory.


The pressing engagement of time drives the imperative to explore, imagine, create.


The ancient, powerful yew – the solemn medicine maker, whose timeless journey sings a beckoning to the quiet souls of witness.


Yew attracts flint, that coolest of nature’s crucible, in her playful ensemble of stillness.


Sterility is where, is what, exactly? 


The designer’s eye guides the scribe to witness and record the song of healing. 


And we rejoice, so happy today, the preparation has begun, as the sun kissed our cheeks.


And alongside the practical workings are the ritual consequences of alliance. For this liminal dance is of creation’s agency.


Nadine’s Grace – of 17 years service to the plant, and granted the perfection of timing, she gifted the herb to our journey.


And the rainbow – of course the rainbow. For it is that perception of the subtle that holds the keys to an awakening dream.


Though shadows may be cast, know that hidden vortices are calling from within.



Hendoku Iyaku – Making Medicine from Poison

Through the skill of the medicine maker, the venom is distilled as a medicine.

Drops of venom are gathered within the crystal amethyst chalice, inset with cut emeralds and golden droplets.

Upon blending with the tabellarius liquid in 36 cycles, with fire, water, earth and air, an alchemy occurs, whereupon the poison is diluted to become a medicinal remedy.

Nagarjuna, he of the Snake People (Nagas), proponent and expounder of the Prajñāpāramitā Sūtras teaches the mantra of the Perfection of Wisdom is like a great physician who can change poison into medicine.

Tayata Om Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Soha.

Crafting the dialects of the Ayurveda, in generational dance, where the daughter’s love is renewed to the precedent of the muse.


Organic pure oils, layered with purest gold, whilst suspended upon spring waters came playfully delivered by hand, in a soft fabric parcel from Pulver’s Apothecary.


Seeing is believing.
Well-being begins in the mind.
This I believe.


The most cooling of stones, that lays and guides, directs and holds, to soothe the fires of transformation and healing.


Through the deep frosts of winter, lies preparation, that stimuli of the future, of the ascendant call to healing.


Into the organic dance of pearl, shell and diamond, in swirling patterns of repeat, as the medicine is stirred and folded into Union.


In medicine making it is enough to simply recognise the symbols of alignment, as these subtle messengers signal a referenced inter-connection of invisibility.


Reinforcing the stability of process, as forest alchemy is dependent upon the greater forces, whilst the medicine maker tinkers, toils and potters around the garden.


In deepest winter, we turned inside upon the calling of the Winter Solstice, where the tincture drew the pathway though the labyrinth of imagination, realised upon the sunset.


Ava prepared the rainbow salts, cast of the Himalaya and blended from summer leaf and summer flower.


The craft is one of patience, and this elixir is a blend of many years, whose calling is that of the Divine.


Intertwined calendula danced within the almond’s oil, in a passionate embrace of intimate subtlety, so as to sooth the scar tissues of trauma.


The flow of the torus perpetuates the dreams of the medicine makers, no longer idle in recognition of the imperative of natural healing. 

In Honour of Nadine Szweda Shumway.

Combined within the collective dream is the necessity of ultimate union of hope’s desires, and with time as vital essence, the attractor of love realises her primal sigh of release.

Coombe Woods, Sussex, TN8 7EA

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