Geometry in the Garden 

Stroll around a garden, with your eyes open to the beauty of nature, and there we shall find geometry everywhere.


Look deep into the pool of life, and the reflection you will see is that of the hypnotic fractal geometry of your own existence.


Alice in Wonderland might have been imagined in this topsy-turvy geometry of yew. Topiary – a fine sport for those with shears and clippers.


In each garden is a doorway, a portal into another world, whose key is that of imagination. Enter.


It might just be that beauty is a pure, true language, one that requires nothing more than observation to understand.


Ready for a ritual? Or perhaps that is why it was designed like this – to facilitate a ceremony of sun, moon and earth.

The sphere of transcendent welcome.


All roads lead to Rome, or perhaps in the mind of this lavish expression, up the garden path into the grandeur of delusion.


Fractal cauliflowers are a thing – yup.


When this garden was designed, a game was being played, and the the game is that of imagination.


These are the seeds of life itself, sunflower babies, aligned through the geometry of Fibonacci.


Paul McCartney sang, ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’.


The fruits of the Spanish sunshine, ripe and luscious, measured in strict geometry.


Intrusive and ugly in this context, but perhaps a fun dodecahedron climbing frame?


Grand Designs.
I suppose if you have a castle, this sort of thing is quite ordinary.


There is an aspect of beauty in this garden design, related to the use of sacred geometry, intended to create a harmony, or resonance with planting and landscape.


To wander around the pool, following the cursive lines of the paths, might just create an inner sense of relationship, as used in the labyrinths.


I have gardened like this, with rake and stone.

Zen Gardening.


Almost unbelievable.

Tasty once fried in butter, with black pepper.

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