The Gardens of Forgiveness movement is inspired by the leadership of Alexandra Asseily, the visionary behind the world’s first Garden of Forgiveness in Beirut, Lebanon.

Gardens of Forgiveness can be elaborate and formal national gardens – such as the Garden of Forgiveness in Beirut, local gardens created by local communities or an individual’s expression of compassion.

Here in Coombe Woods we have created an intimate healing space where time can stand still for a little while, and the beauty of experience can shine from within.

Friends and family have contributed plants, pots and flowers which are adding depth and texture to our small project.

And a place where reflection and contemplation arise naturally.

Our grand-daughters play, create and learn from our garden.

Here, Ava created rainbow salts from leaves, petals and stems of our plants, with a pestle and mortar.

Many people are beginning to feel the necessity of some form of space, where reflection can take place, and time to release the burdens of modern living, in a tender environment.

Our Garden of Forgiveness is a place in which people can gather strength and inspiration, a place for calm and reflection.

In life, we must find creative and constructive ways to negotiate conflict, and this Garden of Forgiving Intention can absorb the troubles of our souls.

One definition of forgiveness is ‘giving up all hope for a better past’, and finally being freed from the tormoil and unresolved issues of the past.

We cannot change the past, but we can change our approach to it, and how we carry our feelings about it into the future. Forgiveness provides the essential and necessary balance in all our relationships.

Friends can live in the same humble shack and remain friends, but enemies, embittered by the feelings of enmity and revenge, cannot share even a palace in the hope of becoming friends.

Forgiveness transcends painful memories and grievances and redirects this energy toward peaceful and creative coexistence.

It is a garden for individual introspection and a sanctuary accessible to all.

It is an edifying place, inspired by the flora of the local environment.

Life is an experiment of experience, and the peaceful heart, and quiet mind are two of the most profound medicines.

We were inspired by our loving friend and playful companion Lilian Simonsson to create our Garden of Forgiveness in empathy with her Enthum Foundation Project for Refugees.


Join the Movement – all it takes is a single plant, chosen with pure intention. It will grow from there…


Coombe Woods Sussex

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