Back to the early days of geometric packaging history, we can begin by skiing the slopes of the Swiss Chocolate Alps

Ready to cross the banal pathways of pastel rectangles, traversing the diagonal stepping stones of taped gift wrap parcels

But beware those fierce jawed snack packs, ready to bite your children’s eager fingers

As the middle class are satisfied by their aspirational desire for visible purchasing.

Whilst the fearless explorer unwraps the cube octahedron, seeking solace in the geometric mystery

Only to find the family friendly tetrahedron, that safest and most stable of forms

That creates the basis for the supreme guv’nor – The Great God – Tetra Pak

Whose elusive ubiquity holds secure the tempted treasure of potential.

A soft filling?

Through rotation of the windows, the time for celebration is sung aloud, calling the faithful

To come down from their tower blocks

Daring to squeeze those triangles, gathering at the waist of indeterminate size

Sandwiched with honeycombs in support of the forward journey of overland transit

For the super foods of destiny must arrive on the shelves, geometrically safe, and sound

And for sheer take-away delight, carry these to your table

Accompanied by these rather wrinkled geometry crunching champagne box/bags

Followed by the rewards of the cute octahedron gifts

Belied by the tedious and over familiar ho-hum boxes, whose task might be to protects the more avant garde experiments

That reveal their inner delights, tempting our eyes, towards our lips

Eventually covering and smothering

And rewarding for that inner sense of pleasures explored

Whilst the natural world is tamed and compressed into desirable convenience

For then we shall know economy of space

But we can pause, in sweet anticipation of the future’s gifted glance

Whereupon only the pepper nosed might sniff and sneeze at these sharp angles of incision

To season these gems of inclusion, for one needs the other

And, take your pick of six – Your choice, all sweet, though this is just a game

Of song sung convenience slots of the appropriately stacked double trapezoid packs

Mind Meld Tetrahedra

And the sublime that is Leica, always flawless

Tetrapak Map – The grid system that holds liquids together thoughout the known universe

Until these dangerous punk packages walked up

Only to break the chain link of masterful colouration and style

With a confusing symmetry that tells the story of a pencil line that traces history

Of upsets and intentional over styling that detracts

Rather than welcomes eyes, and the hands that follow

Tea, in a box, like a carnival graffiti

To stupidly tempt a taboo that is doomed to failure

But this sequential plaything has encouraged exploration

To this?

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