As an explorer of geometry, I was captured by this seeming impossibility, especially as it is an actual reality.

Which in turn drew me along the pathway to redemption – Hail! The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Where the plethora of pasta permutations drew  a mind map of the impossibility of reconciliation. 

Until good old common sense prevailed, in the Pasta Italiana tradition, stabilising any dangerous tendencies of hyper-tension.

Until the inevitability of Theo Mercier’s Le Solitaire dragged me once again, into the slovenly state of the passive spaghetti sloth.

I was no longer alone on my quest, for the actual, real, flying spaghetti monster arrived bearing gifts of inner meatballs.

Pastagraphics – Now things are going to get serious, for here is the geometric proof.

Through the workings of the Magus, pasta sigils of a profound illogical chaos magik were delivered to the plates of the unwary.

Whilst the candlelight dinner of Lady and Tramp, drew ever closer to the world’s most famous  spaghetti kiss.

There is an economy of shape, as pasta shapes, nesting in hexagrams, create many a tasty dish, though of an unflavoured geometry.

Pastina, of the formal manner.
Neat & Tidy. OCD is Good.

Whilst florettes of pasta sculpt wise Fibonacci’s creative flair, mesmerising with tubular fascination.

Flour & Water – that is all it takes, she told me so.

She casts her magic spell, in the simmering cauldron of lightly salted water, with just a trace of floating olive oil.

Packaging geometry, for these serious marketeers. Bless ’em.

Fellini, he knew how to work it, move it and play it.

A final dash of pasta sigils, liquorice flavour. 

Tōhoku Japanese Earthquake by Luke Jerram.
Actual. Fact. Seismic. Record.

Mastering pasta might take 10,000 hours of study and training. Then ask me round for dinner.

Pasta cut shapes tell a twisted story, incomprehensible, even to the author.

Thus we resort to pictures, as they speak a language of 1000 pasta words/worlds.

Enter the spaghetti house

And leave through Spaghetti Junction.

Pasta shapes, nice and neat, like mama used to make. Formal.

The Geometry of Pasta

Don’t judge that book by its cover, because this is all you will find underneath.

Eternally Looped Spaghetti.

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