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“Your eyes don’t see, your brain sees”

Hubble’s ‘Eye of the Cosmos’


The Yoga of Sight

It works like this.

My art is predicated upon the eye sense awareness. In short it is seen. And seen through the eyes.

The eye is roughly spherical, and in its function, the image enters the eye through the circle that is called the Pupil that resides at the centre of the Iris.

We have this dark circle at the centre, called the pupil, and it is through this portal that light enters the eye.

Light enters the eye, and though this lensed portal it arrives upon the back of the eye, which is called the Retina.

The light enters through the pupil, and arriving upon the retina, is in the form of photons. Photons, described as an elementary particle, or quantum packets that carry information/energy from the light source.

So, we have data arriving upon the retina, in the form of photons, the collection of which comprise the image we shall see.

There is a collection of photoreceptor cells, that reside in the retina, and these are called Rods & Cones.

There are an astonishing quantity of rods and cones, 127 Million of ’em. 127,000,000… And these form a matrix, a kinda collection of pixel like receptors that receive the light signal of the seen object, though broken down into 127,000,000 component parts. A bit like this screen you are looking at… One apparent image, though created from the matrix of pixels. Yeah?

I can infer that there are 127 Million opportunities for light distribution to be received by the rods and cones. A bit like pressing individual pixels, in a button like manner.

And, the distribution of this light over the matrix results in the creation of the sense of a single image. But, there is more.

The rods and cones lead to 1 million axons, so this equates to a compression of data of 125:1 – the equivalent of 125 wires gathered and leading into a junction box, and leaving through a single wire.

It is around this point of the process something even more magical happens. An aspect of the photoreceptors called Opsins transmute the photon into an electrochemical signal.

Thus, at this point of the journey, light has ceased to be light, the energy has been changed into a chemical signal, and this initiates the beautifully called ‘Visual Transduction Cascade’.

No light enters the brain.

The cascade is also part of a function called ‘Visual Transductive Tunnelling’ or ‘Quantum Tunnelling’ as the barrier twixt matter and consciousness is traversed. In short, light traverses a barrier and cognition is initiated. Click HERE for a short video.

how does this relate to my art? This is my part of the jigsaw.

It started as I was watching a firework display, a really good show, and I was sat atop a hill, with a perfect view of the spectacle.

I was fully engaged with the beauty and spectacle, and started to ponder as to why fireworks have such power to affect me, as I was momentarily transfixed.

I called it the ‘Firework Moment’. For in that moment, perhaps lasting half a second, I realised I felt no fear, no doubt, no worry, no anxiety and no pain. Also I was totally present in the moment, free from considerations of both the past and the future. In short I had no manifest suffering at that time, perhaps even a glimpse of nirvana.

I watched many fireworks explode in the November night sky, and finally walked away, deep in thought.

The inspiration arose as to how the moving image of cascading explosion might be captured on paper, and to what intention the drawings might be applied. I made the decision that my illuminated drawings might serve as a form of this ‘glimpse of nirvana’, and for the brief duration of the experience, how a subtle, profound and meaningful message might be transmitted – in short, a blessing.

Utilising the understanding gained through my research into the functionality of the eye awareness, I formed an artistic expression whereby the ‘firework moment’ might be integrated with a facsimile of the distribution of photoreceptive cells in the retina, creating the equivalent of a specific pixellated drawing, to activate and stimulate consciousness, directly through my art.

‘The Firework Moment’ opens the mind to profound understanding, and thus able to fully integrate the realisation of a concept.

Art that presses buttons.

My drawings are individual, and each serves as a specific firework, though the process is built upon as I tend to work in series, or steps, whereby an entire process can be transmitted, a bit like stepping stones across the ocean. Each image carries an individual meaning, and each series presents a journey comprised of these individual components.

The science is of the eye. The art is of the creative. Possibly an integration of the right/left symetries of the brain, and thereby an integrational approach to consciousness science, one of the most fascinating topics of today.

In the left eye, a simple radiant patterning emerges, whilst in the right eye, fractal versions of each of those images arises.

Certain mystic knowledge states that the left side of the body represents the past and the right side, the future. Thus implying a temporal progression from non elegant past to elegant future.

Furthermore, current research indicates that “fractalization” is a compression scheme that has no limit, comprised only of constructive interference patterns, so you would be training the body, at least in an information sense, to store things more efficiently (anti-stress)

Lastly, as the brain integrates these two images it would find the very algorithm that maps the incomplete left (past,diseased) to the right (future, wellness,integration).

Uncoupling that algorithm from the visual center (possibly with meditation, or other metaphysical means) might allow it to become a template for a path the entire body can take – Self Healing.

This is normally done through the third eye,but there would be no problem moving patterns through the physical eyes, since those neural paths are already robustly in use (albeit for trivial purposes, relatively speaking).

As the third eye is stimulated, a physical response occurs, and the wise can learn to ‘bookmark’ such an experience, and use it as a stepping stone for growth and healing.

The Third Eye

As I continue to explore the understanding of my art I’m gaining a deeper understanding of how ‘medicine can be applied through the eyes’… and currently I am exploring my current understanding that we ‘feel what we see’, we do not ‘see what we see’ – meaning that light is changed into a neurological chemical after reaching the retina, and therefore the ‘viewer’ is feeling a chemical effect, not ‘seeing’ an image…

And my art is about relating the ‘feeling’ using the ‘image’ as a vehicle… Therefore I draw what I feel, and describe it in the 127,000,000 pixel format, almost as a musician might play an instrument with 127 million keys, in chords, rhythms, progressions and scales.

And from this biochemical experience/signal, arises a transmission and signalling throughout the bloodstream, through the heart, and therefore subtly affecting entire immune system, creating the potential for wellbeing and healing.

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