There is a multitude of webs and threads that hold our appliances, machines, buildings, vehicles and structures in place.

Linking point to point, and forming the structures of use and purpose, these largely invisible geometries serve as skeletal frameworks upon which our civilisations depend.

I am taking a light-hearted journey through some aspects of these designs.

My wonderful and crazy friend Francisco is a Master Plumber – working with lead and copper, he creates systems of water distribution that resonate a beauty of geometric craftsmanship.

The overhead geometry that carries power and information above our heads is largely un-noticed, so I feel it might join this intimate list of invisibles.

Deep inside our many silent processors are beautiful and elegant wiring systems, though similar geometries are to be found wherever you have a light switch, or wall plug.

Bricks – what needs to be said? Common as muck, built for purpose, and pure of geometry. Perfect.

The precision and thought of the ergonomic designers hold a multitude of deeply sophisticated and hidden geometries, serving to hold us comfortably, stably and efficiently.

I could not resist another brick geometric reference – I mean, who could not like these chimneys?

Sitting in the palm of your hand – the intricate geometry of cutlery design. For those who are totally disinterested in such concepts, take my word, there is an extreme science that has evaded you. But, you do use, daily.

I had to put this here, as it is one of the most exciting pieces of furniture designs in the world. A design classic, by E.W.Godwin, Victorian architect designer – love it or hate it, this is a masterpiece of restrained geometry, inspired by Japanese design.

Now, had you ever thought if this? Not unless you are a shoe nerd, foot fetishist or geometry freak. Me, I fit kinda into 2 of those categories..

Invisible framing, forming fuselage. Lightweight, strong, rigid and geometric, so similar to our own skeleton, under the skin you are sitting in.

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Though in this case that would not be a problem.

A Gun – only a glue gun, but here it is clear to see the potential destructive power of hidden geometry. Stick ‘em up!

How satisfying is this structure, like an art installation – that might actually be a miniature.

Like so many of these ‘taken for granted’ geometries, the ubiquity of their secret presence silently communicates to us at all times, though the language is obscured.

This is the Soviet N1-L3 Lunar Mission Moon Lander, and what do I see? Geometry – it has travelled to the moon, even.

Just because I love it, part III. How is this for a beautiful crazy roof – there are not many roofs that can make me smile. This is Saint Stephen’s in Vienna.

The Industrial Revolution was drafted upon paper, rendered in mechanistic geometric engineered precision, and thus the Machine Age came to be – for without geometric constructs, no machine would function.

This steel geometry entices my eye, as it aligns sheer beauty, and then it is covered with facings, thus rendering it invisible. What a waste..

Engines – and inside and within are the pure forms of geometry – circles, triangles, hexagons and more, but really, who cares as long as the car starts in the morning? V8.

Elegant and ancient, the mystical structures of Venetian Gondolas – evocative and romantic, and their geometry, of course – invisible.

Time, held and restrained, ready for release – to tell you the time.

Life is a complex geometric mandala.

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