The journey of Sacred Geometry is balanced with the masterful designs and creations of the Islamic Tradition.

The recognition of beauty transcends faiths, and offers inter-dimensional flow and communication to provide bridges of understanding.

I have integrated classical and contemporary expressions of this art form with my own interpretations to support a narrative of potential inclusivity.

Suggesting dynamism and activation, this basic, though sophisticated form, offers an expansive and optimistic dynamic, that encourages attention.

Here, I have worked this design to encourage the visual energy towards a positive thought form, radiating the expressions of vitality and growth.

The ceiling of the Sheikh Luft Allah Mosque implies a knowledge of fractal eternalism, suggesting a harmonic radiance, the beauty of which shares the magnificence of creation – that which flows through every aspect of being.

The simple geometric structure holds sequenced codes and patterns, those which support every architectural endeavour, and direct lines communication and dialogue.

In basic silhouette, these traditional carved wooden screens allow the viewer to witness the heavenly order of the perfect architect.

The spirited truth of our integrated world are revealed as paths of process, heralding each crossroad as a potential for creative expression.

The Islamic star patterns, so beloved by the mosaicists and tilers, create a universally understood relationship, between self and other.

Whilst holding the vision of a unified planet, I drew this, The Golden Seed of the Sahara, suggesting the renewal of life and hope, amid the arid deserts of misunderstandings.

The sublime craftsmanship of the Islamic master carvers offer the development into a 3 dimensional aspect of beauty, through raised lines and heightened attributes.

Representative of the past, I have directed the red-shift understanding as the central logos, as the ever distance increases, and memory fades.

Mandalas and Sacred Geometry are linked, by the natural hand of the Great Architect, as both express the unifying transcendence of Love.

The present holds the potential for the changes created through intention, and thus each moment contains the infinite capacity to reach into an unwritten future.

The patience and skill of Dana Awartani offers the suggestion of the Divine Feminine, at work, in the mystery of integrative faiths.

The blue-shift of the future, coming towards us, at the speed of light, whereupon the ultimate imperatives of Love, Wisdom and Compassion will bind the pure in service to the Great Works.

To the most sublime of all – The Alhambra Palace, in Granada, where the totality of beauty remains in constant measure of potential.

Whereupon the unfolding of destiny will allow all souls upon Earth to recognise one another’s sovereignty, in an equality of faith expression, needs of worship, and forgiveness.

Just for the sheer beauty of practical application, this cigarette case, of tactile perfection, shows the harmony suggested by the crafters of the Islamic traditional metalworkers.

Upon the Day of 1000 Stars, all mistakes, misinterpretations and misunderstandings will be of the past, as the Golden Age of Enlightenment births each perfected soul, expressed as Sufi.

A harmony will descend upon those of pure heart, birthing Sufi Rae, whose destiny is that of Prophet and Seer.

Upon the Perfected Full Moon, the global healing matrix will be activated, connecting all souls in the prayers of Liberation.

And the magnificence of understanding will pervade the minds of all, held here, in balanced geometric radiance, within the dome of the Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque.

To witness the Impossible Beauty of Sight, where all eyes are trained upon the expectant dawn, of the Golden Sufi Rae.

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