Custom Moon Ceremony Paintings 

The Brief:

a) To create a practical ceremonial series of alignments in celebration of the lunar phases, witnessing both the outer and inner balances, following full detailed astrological consultations, based upon the intention of uniting the microcosmic with the macrocosmic as a healing catalyst within the heart chakra.

b) Through practicing regular ceremony/ritual with each moon phase to evolve an expansive galactic awareness whereby SHE resides permanently and gracefully within the epicentre of Universal Flow, nourishing her soul and the world around HER.

c) Consider the past traditions of torquetum, ephemerides, almanac, uranometria nova, cosmologia, macrocosmica and microcosmica.


Global Location Positioning Alignment: Consisting of 3 paintings.

1 – Axis Mundi (Pole Star)

2 – Zodiac Progression

3 – Lunar Cycle

Inner Positioning Alignment: Consisting of 2 paintings.

4 – Birth Chart

5 – Chakra Alignment

Individually designed and hand painted upon board.

Large format – 24” x 32” (60cm x 80cm).

Metal mount protective corners.

For shrines, temples, yoga halls, covens, homes, festivals, and sacred spaces.

Bespoke commissions undertaken.

Worldwide shipping.

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