What is Sacred Geometry and what makes it Sacred? 

Sacred in ‘Sacred Geometry’, does not imply Holy, but rather pertains to certain truths, of a mathematical and geometric construct that are rooted in deep meaning, of both the microcosmic and macrocosmic scales.

The fixed laws of nature and physics can be illustrated to relate to the passage of those who wish to journey into source, through the mapping of geometry, representing a deep connection with all that is, thus enabling the potential for every individual to recognise their own capacity to communicate with creation.

It is our own sacred connection with creation, eternity and the totality of the great ecosystems, inner and outer, and thus a portal to, and reflection of our Innerverse. 

‘To launch a global process, simply through the power of thought, wait for the moment when the system is in a state of instability – and in that phase of instability, the motion of a thought is sufficient for the system to start to change.’ Gerbert Klima – Professor of Nuclear Physics 

The geometry used in the design and construction of religious structures such as churches, temples, mosques, religious monuments, altars, and tabernacles is considered sacred. This concept also applies to sacred spaces such as stone circles, temenoi, sacred groves, village greens, holy wells, and the creation of religious art.

I can ask – ‘Why has the World started to talk about Sacred Geometry?’

Perhaps the universe and evolution work with perfect timing…

When the pupil is ready, the teacher appears, and the universe is calling us, each of us, through the language of geometry and connection.

Goethe – ‘Geometry is frozen music’

As the universe came into being, the elements and matter were created, flowing upon the inter-linking connections of spacial separation – geometry. 

It is how the known universe functions, and all systems function upon a basis of geometric interpretation.

Now we, as a species, are searching for meaning, relevance and connection.

We seek through pattern recognition and the mapping of inner topographies, for within us is the secret of developing subtle connective infrastructures which will harmonise our own lives with Gaia’s (Mother Nature’s) balance, in tune with the global homoeostasis, and part of the growing imperative for higher vibrational communication, and molecular harmonic resonance.

In effect, a harmonic bridge, where art meets science, and alchemy, magic and geometry are the common languages of description.

Sacred geometry, once the preserve of the world’s religions, as a means of representing connection with the Divine, has now been released to a thirsty audience. 

It has the power to affect consciousness, globally.

We have each have the keys to unlock the mystery presented by Euclid, Descartes, Pythagoras and Newton.

All we see and know is of structure, structure being formed by connection,
connection forming geometry, and in this representation of ‘In the Beginning’
there is the whisper of the birth of the Universe,
arising from the light source, refracting through the primary colours,
to coalesce into atomic structure and form.

The Earth found form through the centripetal processes of time and gravity,
the sphere became apparent,
and the surface became supportive of water,
and therefore, life.

And to the ancients, our place within the universe became apparent,
in measure of the journeys of both sun and moon, day and night, light and dark,
whilst the relative positions of the celestial bodies in turn guided the early observers to journal,
record and describe their relationships, as ever,
as geometric shapes.

Measurement became more refined,
and as the intimate cycles became apparent,
the gradation of time was determined with ever growing accuracy,
whilst the strings of invisible attachment were described by the alchemical artists,
astronomers and court magicians.

Supported and encouraged by Queens, Kings and those of power and wealth,
the liberal arts of architecture, mathematics, music, astronomy and astrology grew in influence,
as the quadrivium and more,
with the metre of the temple’s occulus being centralised and attuned
with the Divine consideration of the Sun.

To catch the Sun at its zenith was the play of those of the refined architects,
as too those who build the great stone circles,
witnessed in Avebury and Stonehenge.

The master geometers of the Islamic Traditions began to create their profound tessellations,
whilst increasingly, time became the measurement
by which our connection to the divine was measured,
using the pathways of the sweep of the clock face.

Life became guided by the past,
though the meter of the 12 hour cycle that has endured to the current time.

The parameters and enclosure of the working day beset those souls
to whom servitude became the facility of existence,
which remains today as the 8 hour working day,
so ingrained within the cultures of our society.

Whereas the ignored and obscured potentials of the future became occulted and taboo,
remaining the domicile of the empowered classes,
serving to blind the mere individual from the inherent freedoms of birthright. 

Through the art of the mystics,
the fractal geometries sparked conscious connection with life once again,
and we, the individuals upon earth
began to re-cognise our intimate connection with the divine.

The non-separation from source and creation was being re-integrated,
as awakening from the long slumber had begun,
and both information and knowledge became the nourishment
of the seekers and healers.

We know the science of space between all things, as an experience of the space between all things, felt as a gentle tingling separation, a loosening the tight grip on a permanent reality. This safe and blissful sensation is the space between thoughts, where a place of deep inner peace exists, one that will ease the portal to the inconceivable. 

Learn to free your mind through this gentle excercise, as you embark upon the voyage to Pure Bliss.

The Holy Grail is within us all.
Seek and Find.

We drink once again from the chalice of knowledge,
and the great fountain flows with growing dynamic, impetus and urgency,
for the time of great awakening draws ever closer.

Information flows faster than ever,
in an exponential surge towards the saturation of eschaton.

Libation of Wisdom leads to Liberation.

As we accepted the proffered medicine, our geometric awakening began,
through recognition of the toroidal patterns of flow and synthesis,
mapped by the increasing power and relevance
of the computational matrices and latticed geometric relationships.

The evolutionary spark alerted the great thinkers,
philosophers and artists to journal their experiences,
and the Renaissance alchemists created situative representations
of the massing and form of geometric structures.

Plato, along with Kepler, Leonardo da Vinci and Aristotle
began to define the understanding of geometric progression and sciences,
with the 5 Platonic Solids still considered as one of the iconic benchmarks of geometry.

Represented in crystal form of the Icosahedron and Cube.

The definition of a Platonic Solid being:
‘A regular, convex polyhedron, constructed by congruent, regular polygonal faces,
with the same number of faces meeting at each vertex’

The artists and alchemists, seers and mystics
began to play with the structures and forms, formulating abstract potentials to each form,
through the dodecahedron to the torus.

And the evolution of the geometric arts stepped from the past,
into the present,
with natural anticipation of the future.

The icosahedron too, became a plaything of the imagination.

The collective form of the 5 Platonic Solids,
known as ‘Metatron’s Cube’ became the ubiquitous image of the nested Platonic Solids.

Contained therein:
The Merkaba – A modern populist interpretation, considered to be the divine light vehicle used by ascended masters
to connect with those journeying to the higher realms,
where “Mer” means light, “Ka” means spirit and “Ba” means body,
and in this context, a descending inner vortex meets the ascending inner vortex,
whereupon male and female energies can combine within the heart chakra
in the sacred union of yoga.

The hidden geometries reveal the illusory nature of both form and shape,
as they relate directly to the perceiving mind,
depending upon the relative position of the viewer,
whilst linking geometry reveals hidden forms and structures,
whereby alignment reveals perspective.

An inner mapping of attractors, seeing the nature of close relationships
in terms of their alignment, and recognising hidden forms and structures
within your constellations of sensory experience.

And inter-connectivity became known – Yin Yang

Upon finding balance, freedom becomes apparent to the practitioner.
The filaments of karma manifest their clarity,
as waves of understanding breathe light into your inner space.

This pure light of love, wisdom and compassion purifies the inner winds,
as fireworks reflect over the blue/green waters,
celebrating the end of expectation and release from all attachments.

Form is empty; emptiness is form.
Emptiness is not other than form; form also is not other than emptiness.
Likewise, feeling, discrimination, compositional factors and consciousness are empty.

And the temple of inner understanding and recognition was alerted in the great minds of the New Aeon, as the recognition of an ark for survival became the message of the prophets.

The Ark of Geometry became the temple of expanding wisdom,
opening through your crown,
through the 13 esoteric chakras in alignment with the 13 moon yogas,
constructing the ribs and support of your light body.

Opening upon every breath, expanding into magnificent potential,
as you burst with brilliance.

Simple beauty, in the harmony that is geometry.

The Myth of Solidity

The cube became a plaything, of both inner and outer perception. 

The illusionist juggles his imagination, knowing the nature of matter. Ninety nine point nine nine nine percent of all that is is empty space. Our 5 senses convince us otherwise in subtle yet profound deception, and supported by the stories of our science and fables of all histories, we are further entrenched and reinforced into our acceptance of reality, these too being validated only by the language of matter.

The truth is in emptiness. So we, creators of the mystic, can map a universe of limitless perfection, in the manner of our dreams, where quantum expressions multiply exponentially…. to manifest sequentially.

Each thought is a building block, and your imagination is your vision board. We are children of the universe, with a fine box of toys.

Whereupon the  transparency and the illusory nature of solidity became known.

All is not as it appears.

Appearances are deceptive, and our own opinions are unreliable.

The 4th dimension began to be accessed, through the new generation of geometric philosophy and discovery of the tesseract or hypercube. 

It represents an inter-dimensional potential, as a 4th dimensional object passing through the 3rd dimension, it casts a shadow, revealing its form. 

This is a secret of recognising manifestation.

Use it wisely when reverse engineering…

The Circular Breath of the Perpetual Soul.

The eternal fluid dynamic nature of our universe began to show her face.  The universe breathes itself, amidst the ebb flow of infinite movement, enabling the dissolution of all the entangled myths of origin. 

To expand your heart chakra, you may wish to experiment with this dream breathing apparatus.

For in the quantum fields of the un-manifest, cause and effect began to be known and recognised. And thus, the mystery of the dark matter/energy hypothesis shall be solved.

We each have a limitless horizon, though we reside within the physical plane. Knowing of cause and effect, the yogi’s intention sits gently in this matrix of consciousness.

Then, should you choose, place your intention into the same soft pillow of space-time, to await the conditions of ripening.

This is certain. This is cause and effect. 

The seeds of the potential can be asserted and planted, in the great garden of Gaia, affecting the totality.

We witness the impossible beauty of sight, where dragonflies dance around the circle of life, to flicker upon the candlelight of wonderment. 

And through the lens of kaleidoscopic eyes, nourishment is offered, as beauty, to the innocent child within your soul. 

And arising through the soft blue mist of morning is the sweet medicine of beauty, the gift of light. 

A Golden Dawn will know your smile.

We shall dance with Fibonacci, whereupon the pineal gland releases its sacred medicine (DMT) from its spiral womb.

Freedom awaits your heart call, upon wisdom’s acceptance of impermanence.


Sacred Geometry is popular today, and growing ever more so. 

It is gaining in popularity, thus recognition, thus interpretation, and therefore an evolving understanding. Logos, marketing, tattoos, clothing, advertising, videos, lighting, jewellery, architecture and colouring in books, it seems that we each recognise that sacred geometry is a universal language, and are called to recognise it, and utilise it.

This art form is for all, to draw and create, a universal language, where we can each square the circle, as we each are creators from creation. 

Shape, size, relative position, and properties of space – areas, volumes, lengths, and angles all facilitate understanding the world around us, and the world within us.

It is how reality can be described, as it allows and facilitates a deeper relationship with our own psychology, our relationships with the natural world, one another, and creation itself. For symmetry, order and chaos govern the works of creation, and geometry pervades all works of creation, and sacred geometry offers vibrational maps, potentiating a merging of your awareness with object of your attention. 

We are concerned with the nature of spatial interactions – for prediction, accuracy, mapping, planning, for everything is connected, and sacred geometry connects the dots. 

The geometry of things around us create the co-incidents and intersections at interesting places, whilst basic geometric shapes communicate universal qualities common to all cultures, and practical design integrates them appropriately.

Harmony manifests as form and number, patterns of motion, frozen and recorded, as symbols.

Sacred Geometry is the flowchart of living creation, carrying echoes of the original word of creation, as ripples felt and journalled, as an analogue, graphical recording of the living experience, as with ancient practices of scribe and stylus. The scribe records the transmission, through the pulsating universe, as waves, ripples, heartbeats, synchronisation, rhythm and surging breath – there are always strange forces at work.

DNA depends upon geometry. 

Life depends upon DNA, and we are now perhaps being shown another layer, as an introduction to the next level of intelligent understanding.

Sacred Geometry is the visual language of vibration.

All is Vibration.

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