A progressive and sequential journey to the revelation of universal and spiritual wisdom, through exploring a scripture of fellowship, love, spiritual awareness and enlightenment.

1 – The Ascending Star of the East

Pause, and reflect upon the filaments of being. 

We reside within the fabric of space, in an ordered dance of experience, witnessed in a dance of geometric passion amidst a multiplicity of rotational transitions.

Thus oriented and aligned with an open heart to the gifts of life that surround you, receive the abundant and limitless blessings that grace your soul.

Engaged, informed and inspired, the revelation of spirit awakens within you.

2 – The Three Pillars of Time

We only ever breathe within the present moment. Gently comprehend and realise this, whilst mindfully breathing.

We experience an anchor to the past, and an attractor of the future, and these often serve to create both guilt and anxiety, respectively.

Releasing expectation, whilst relishing anticipation, provides the immediacy and satisfaction of action, yet frees us from the overwhelming burden of responsibility we hold, as participants in the evolution of the universe.

Manifesting the magnificence and grandeur of the Eternal Now exponentially increases your reach into the matrix of time, whilst facilitating the cessation of imagined future sufferings.

Oh, beautiful soul! Awaken to the dream, and walk free to explore the presence of the gifts of life.

3 – The Eternal Journey of Love

Oh! You seeker of love, with thy lovers of the mysteries.

Love endures as the balanced ambiguity of the great pyramid with the passionate revelations of the holy trinity.

For love is the eternal truth, known as the structure and form within the breath of creation.

You are seen as the messenger, gifted with the eternal seed of light within your soul.

Gaze within your heart, release your uncontained expression of love, and heal thy timeless soul.

4 – Untangling the Web of Illusion

All form is illusory, as are the structures that support the illusion.

Know this dance of release, the clearance of the tangled cobwebs of limitation.

And this clear, sweet breeze of loving intention ushers a clarity of recognition upon the wings of freedom.

For at the heart of all being is the pure consciousness of the creator, to which we are intimately connected.

And thus, be both ultimately and intimately known, upon freedom’s flight of healing, in service to your gifts.

5 – And Life Arose, from the Sacred Union of the Mother and the Father 

To travel amongst the elements, of earth, air, fire and water.

And creation continues, presenting gifts and opportunities, and for each, a vital role to play.

The key to action resides, deeply encoded in the very centre, amidst the stillness of your heart.

And, to awaken your inner seeds of perfection, and nourish the purity of your soul – Recall Truth.

Thus navigate, by means of the 3 Beacons of Truth – Love, Wisdom & Compassion, stepping stones, upon the Path of the Golden Thread of Life.

6- The Merkaba – A Star Chariot within Metatron’s Cube

To be an ascending angel, is to hear the Call.

Those whispering songs of compassion, love and wisdom, whose soft warmth beckons.

Thus releasing the shimmering essence of light, awakening from the activated geometry, as the softening flow creates levitation waves.

And know your wings are opening.

7 – The Dawning of Epiphany

For those warriors who journey upon the long dark night of the soul.

For now, passing through the deep tempest, the pain subsides and realisation matures, as peace is reborn within.

Dawn’s Peace: To see the clouds part, and feel colour return to the skies, as reflected in your widened eyes.

Gold and silver of the Holy Soul within become the currency of the song of life, and the nourishment of golden light is love’s healing messenger.

And as the echoes of darkness recede, the Golden Thread ignites the sparkling breath of dawn’s light.

And hope is reborn.

8 – The Golden Thread of Sacred Spirit

You – Knower of the exquisite mechanisms of the macrocosmica of pure intention.

See – The 10 galaxies rotate into distant alignment, to choreograph the awakening spark of the Golden Thread within.

Feel – Their unified wishes of perfection propelling expansion into the hearts of those who breathe the purpose of Universal Spirit.

We – As weavers of the heavenly portal upon our blue planet, birth the crystal seed of new life upon Earth.

Greet – In your vision the weave shall be complete, and it shall be reflected in the eyes of those we meet upon this day.

Life – Is ours.

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