How to work with water – Practical water alchemy

The tumultuous flow of fractal chaos is the living rhythm of water’s way.
Of unknowable complexity her path attends the obedience to gravity’s will, though her ability to climb and reverse defies the logic of common science.

For those who have attended her service, and witnessed her expression, will be gifted insights known to the mystics.

For in implosive alchemy
creating our topography,
the ratios of density
sensed within ecology – 
that of our inner world.

Thus mirrored in psychology
in ultimate efficiency
she’ll open up life’s mysteries,
the pathway of the histories,
residing in your soul.

For in amongst the vortices,
those infinite tributaries,
with wettened hands and open hearts,
we will reveal a healing in the loosening of those deeply tightened knots,
thus healing the trajectories
that lie ahead of thee.

For water is one entity,
who lives in fluid certainty,
revealing flows of energy,
that which we recognise as time and life.

And should we ease her hindered path,
the knowledge of the truths of time,
the past and future,
as they be, connected to thee
– now shall be revealed.

Her path is of emotions eased,
proficient in efficiency,
that sings the song and freedom dance of Fibonnaci’s knowing glance,
empowering multiplexity in sharing complex patterns,
that will not deceive the mirrors of our souls.

Connecting waters of within,
those circulating in the skin that holds profound capacity,
computing from the binary,
a brain that links with USB,
to mainframe flow of H2O.

Thus 0 & 1, knows 1 & 2,
the long anticipated quantum leap of evolution’s beckoning,
and thus we’ll ripple healing to this world.

You will be healing the World’s water, and this is healing work, that works – in mirroring within.

For buried are neglected flows in darkened corners left aside,
where light and movement will release,
initiating inner peace.

Your discovery will be answered in your own experience, by attending the water course…

As further in we climb and seek, the path of inner journeying, will offer more than we could dream, those unrevealed potentials of the deep.

And as your chosen treasure trove reveals the precious source within, direct connection to the waters of this Earth, will activate your new magnificence!

For ’til you’ve stretched and reached within, past fears and doubts that hinder you, how can you know the rainbow’s end, that is within your reach.

Your map is written upon destiny.
Seek and you will find.
Answers, Truth, Healing, Empowerment.

This is a simple practical hands-on course. No previous experience required.

This will be your journey. 

‘When you put your hand in a flowing stream, you touch the last thing that has been before, and the first of what is yet to come” – Leonardo da Vinci

“The past exists in the present, as the future of that past, and the future exists in the present, as the past of that future” – Buddha



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